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Who We Are

Welcome to our store ... we are Tim, Nancy and Katie Wyatt.  We opened Knitted Together "a yarn store & learning experience" on March 16th 2006, but the creation of Knitted Together really started long ago.  I once read that "knitting is the essence of creation" and we absolutely believe this to be the truth.  In Psalm 139:13 David wrote that "God made all my inner most delicate parts and knit them together in my mother's womb."  How awesome to know that even in the essence of our creation ... God has his hands at work stitching our lives together.  Nancy, who was once a senior editor of magazines for Better Homes and Gardens Creative Collection, where she wrote Knit It magazine and Simply Creative Crochet magazine, has been a knitter since she was nine years old.  Nancy has always had a gift for arts and crafts ... she graduated from Drake University with a degree in fine art with a major in jewelry making and design and somewhere along the way she worked for a clever woman named Alice Brown in a yarn store and learned to run the store.  If I said that we are knitters and that we love great yarn ... it would be true ... although Nancy is the real needle artist with knowledge and passion for knitting and the compassion to help others succeed with their projects ... Tim mostly likes the yarn, the colors and fibers, and the promoting of what beautiful things can be made from the gorgeous yarns. 


Yet still God stitched the dream in Nancy's heart to have her own yarn store and while Nancy worked for Meredith Corporation and Tim at Baldwin White Architects, they began to collaborate what Nancy's dream would look like.  As we continued to study all the aspects of business God continued to knit us together.  In Colossians 2:2 the Apostle Paul wrote "my goal is that they will be encouraged and knit together by strong ties of God's love."  As that happened in our lives we began to see how God would work His plan out of the dream he placed in Nancy's heart long ago ... a plan not just for us to be knit together but for a community of people to become completely "knitted together".  The Apostle Paul continues in Colossians 3:12 and basically tells us to take the fabric knitted out of love and clothe ourselves with it that we would have "tenderhearted mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience" so that we would make allowances for others faults and forgive the person that offends us the way God has forgiven us.  So clearly we are not perfect people here ... just forgiven ... and ready to forgive.


Tim eventually got to live out his dream of developing a business, designing a fabulous retail space and becoming a business partner with his wife and best friend ... Nancy.  Looking into the heart of God and plagiarizing design from the most amazing architect ... our awesome, loving, kind and generous creator God ... it was beyond words. 


You will also notice our sweet and lovely daughter Katie in our photo and doing some modeling in the customer photo gallery ... she is truly a great asset of God and his plan for us.  There was a time when Katie was the glue that God used to hold us together.  Katie was born on March 16th and was the inspiration for birthing our store on that same date ... hmm ... maybe there is something about 3:16 and amazing love.



Tim, Nancy & Katie Wyatt

P.S  Don't just take our word for it ... no one says it better than LIFE BEAUTIFUL magazine.